Would I be forced to pay for gas I didn't use in 2020?



In January 2021, you could be paying for natural gas you didn’t use in 2020!


Why will I be paying a penalty?


A ‘Take or Pay’ (ToP) clause is in most natural gas contracts of $20K p.a. or more,

and requires you to pay a minimum amount even if you don’t use the gas!


If you answer ‘YES’ or ‘NOT SURE’ to the following please register below for assistance. 

  • 1. Is my property’s gas consumption typically in excess of $100,000?*

  • 2. Did my property’s gas consumption significantly reduce in 2020, given the

  • impact of COVID-19 and related shutdowns?

  • 3. I am concerned about possible ToP obligations under my contract.

  • 4. Do I need to reset my 2021 gas usage projections? If so, by when?

  • 5. I am not sure of my situation re: ToP or what potential penalty I might be exposed to

  • 6. Are there any solutions/ options to prevent future ToP issues?


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