Why Choose TTEG

  • We are an independent energy consultant who is not biased to any retailers.
  • We have been providing professional services for Energy Procurement, Ongoing Management and Energy Consultation for over 15 years.

  • We provide "no direct cost to the client" as our fees are incorporated in the energy rates of an electricity invoice - no hidden costs in accordance with our terms and conditions.
  • We do not run an auction which restricts capability for obtaining the best prices as it is conducted at the consultancy time which may not be the most appropriate time for the customer.
  • We operate a tender process at the best market time to obtain the best market price for each client’s business.
  • Our staff are professional with 200 years of combined experience in the industry.
  • We customize our products to suit our customer’s requirements.
  • We provide a complete detailed evaluation and analysis with a recommendation of our tender results.
  • We verify all charges on an energy account, not just the energy contracted charge component.
  • We help customers understand the risks associated with purchasing electricity and the best ways of securing the most competitive prices from the market.
  • What’s special about what we do is that we conduct the total energy procurement process from offering your consumption to all retailers to the finalization of contract and then transfer to a new retailer if applicable.
  • The best part about our service is that we conduct a free analysis of your current energy bill to compare prices with today’s market and also check all other charges on the bill. We also pride ourselves in our exceptional timely service that always meets contract timelines.
  • Without us, clients would find that they could only assume that they have achieved the best price from a retailer if they do not participate in a tendering process and have the results professionally analysed for comparison. The energy industry requires an in-depth knowledge that we can provide to obtain the most competitive prices in the market for the renewal of contracts.



Industry Firsts

IndustryFirst.jpg - large

  • First unmetered public lighting tenders in South Australia and Victoria.
  • First tender of unmetered traffic signals nationally.
  • First non distributor to have public lights included in the type 7 metrology table.
  • First to represent consumers at an appeal of the Australian Energy Regulator’s pricing determination.
  • First to obtain a refund from a distributor overcharging for a new connection.
  • First non market participant to request a rule change from Australian Energy Market Commission.
  • First negotiation with a distributor of “negotiated distribution services” under the national electricity rules (we represented all SA councils and state government).
  • Expert advisor for the first whole of government (local and state) electricity tender in South Australia.
  • Represented our clients in the first auction by the Victorian market operator Vencorp of AMDQ’s (average maximum daily quantities).
  • First natural gas tender for less than 10TJ sites in Victoria.