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Demand Response (DR) is a program that pays energy users to reduce electricity taken from the grid when called upon by a third party.

Finance Options


There are 3 basic DR programs:

  • Operational curtailment:
    Switching off non-essential
    machinery/appliances when called upon.


  • Providing generation:
    Engaging back up generation units when called upon.


  • Batteries: Discharging when called upon. Depending on the site’s operational profile, any combination of these three may be required.

What DR programs are available?

Common DR programs include:

  • High wholesale electricity price events

  • Ensuring system frequency in the grid

  • Maintaining local network reliability

The timing and duration of each event varies per DR program and you can participate in more than one program.

Image by Andrey Metelev

Why Participate?

  • You will be paid for participation in each DR program

  • Payment will be proportionate to your performance/adherence to each DR event

  • No participation cost. Set up costs are typically borne by others

  • TTEG will work to maximise your financial benefit for each selected DR program

Do you qualify?

A thorough analysis is needed to determine your eligibility /suitability onsite considerations include:


  • Electricity load/seasonal profile

  • Consumption and/or generation patterns across various time intervals

  • Your operational equipment, including batteries

  • Any system automation e.g. switching capability

  • Your response time when called upon

Next Steps

For TTEG to assess your suitability for one of the various DR programs available, click below to fill in our form, upload a recent bill, and select Demand Response, or call 1300 11 88 34, email

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