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An embedded electricity network is a supply arrangement where the site owner/manager purchases electricity for the whole site and on sells to each of the tenants within the site. This delivers cheaper electricity for the tenants and an additional income stream for the site owner/manager.


Realise profits for owner/manager and savings for tenants through proven expertise.


Embedded networks are suited to both new and existing sites that have multiple metering points and are controlled or managed by a single site owner/manager, such as industrial estates, shopping centres, apartment buildings, office blocks and retirement villages.


With our extensive experience designing and establishing embedded networks, Trans Tasman Energy Group can work with you to build an embedded network that will deliver ongoing value for your business. We provide you with support throughout the process – from feasibility assessments to regulatory compliance, to optimising both the pricing you receive from energy retailers and the revenue you collect from your tenants. We also provide products and services to facilitate the on selling of electricity to your tenants or residents.

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