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  • We will send you a bill at least once every three months. We may change the billing period by notice to you.

  • Your bill will usually be based on an actual reading of your meter, except where an estimate is used, for example because your meter couldn’t be accessed.

  • You can pay your bill (including in advance) by any of the ways listed on it, including by cheque, direct debit (by agreement), Visa or Mastercard over the phone or BPay.

  • Make sure you review your bills carefully and if you have concerns, just ask us to do a review. You can also ask for your meter to be tested as part of the review – charges may apply if it’s found to be operating correctly and you may have to pay these before the test, except for Small Customers in Victoria or Queensland.

  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties, let us know as we have a range of payment options that might help. We may also be able to give you information about government support.


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