About TTEG

Trans Tasman Energy Group (TTEG) works with large, small and medium businesses, including ASX 200 companies as well as the largest public sector organisations to deliver best solutions for their energy requirements.


We are a team of independent consultants who pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of both the operation of

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energy markets and the regulations that apply to the Australian national energy market. With more than 200 years of combined team experience in the energy industry, we partner with businesses to understand their energy requirements and develop customised energy management solutions at competitive prices.


The Australian energy market is extremely volatile, with rapid price changes and large pricing peaks and troughs. Our longstanding relationships and daily interactions with energy retailers Australia

wide allow us to secure the most competitive prices from the market and deliver the best energy management solutions for your business. 



Vision statement

Our Vision is to be the first Energy Solutions Company that any business will turn to for the best Energy Management Services and excellent customer service. We are one company that will continue serving the diverse needs of the energy market.



Mission statement

It is the Mission of Trans Tasman Energy Group to employ our diverse knowledge and skills of the energy sector to deliver the best professional, innovative and cost effective Energy Management Services that will help our customers minimize their energy costs and receive the best solution for all of their energy needs.



Our history

Trans Tasman Energy Group commenced business in 1999 as Trans Tasman Tariff and Fuel Consultants, a privately owned Australian company.

In 2003 we became Trans Tasman Energy Group and are now a well respected consultancy with decades of practical experience in the Australian energy industry.

We are focused on continually building our extensive industry experience and delivering value for our customers. Our reputation as a respected industry player is evidence of a proactive approach and innovative energy solutions.



Our core values

  • Customer focus - we don't just offer advice, we provide our customers with comprehensive solutions and deliver measureable results.
  • Technical excellence - we follow industry changes and innovations closely to allow us to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information and advice.
  • Professionalism - with more than 200 years of combined team experience in the energy industry, we take pride in working with our customers to reduce their energy costs.