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Trans Tasman Energy Group’s consultancy services leverage the specialist knowledge and experience of our team in the energy industry.


Leverage specialist knowledge to solve energy problems or discover cost saving opportunities.


Our team can work with you to identify and deliver substantial savings in areas you may not realise that savings can be achieved. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of both the operation and the regulations that apply to the Australian energy market.


Our consultancy services can deliver value for your business in the areas of:


  • providing submissions to regulators

  • handling disputes with retailers and/or distributors

  • unbundling of energy prices

  • determining fair charges for energy related services.

  • creating embedded networks

  • determining fair connection changes

  • raising billing and metering issues with retailers

  • establishing contracts for supply

  • establishing charges for distributor’s negotiated services

  • providing public lighting submissions to energy regulators


Minimise Your Energy Costs!

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