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A battery storage system enables a business to obtain electricity from inexpensive sources like solar or off-peak grid energy and use it when electricity is relatively expensive or unavailable.

Battery Storage in Australia

  • Around 140,000 battery systems in Australia in 2022

  • Installed capacity is evenly split between Residential and commercial and large-scale batteries

  • Uptake of new battery systems in 2021 and 2022 has remained relatively consistent

  • New battery system prices in Australia are currently considered high but forecast to dramatically decrease over the next 5 years

  • Most manufacturers increased prices in 2021 due to high raw materials costs, semiconductor chip shortages, and freight and logistics challenges

Finance Options


  • Lower your energy bills & decrease your carbon footprint

  • Make the most of your solar power eg use at night

  • Participate in Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Initiatives*

  • Participate in demand response programs**

  • Have a source of backup power at your site

Image by Andreas Gücklhorn

TTEG Predictions

  • Anyone with solar will ultimately have a battery

  • Electric Vehicles will be seen as a mobile battery

Business Considerations

  • What is the most efficient battery system for your business?

  • What commercial options are there?

  • Establish timing & battery discharge strategies to maximise financial and operational benefits

  • Identify any market opportunities such as demand response# or participation in VPPs**

  • What traps are there in T & C and warranty etc?

  • What is the potential payback for various options?

  • Are there financing options?

  • How do I coordinate installation and ensure compliance?

*Demand Response requires you to Input back into the grid on demand
**A VPP is where an energy company remotely drains your battery to supply their customers via the grid

Next Steps

In order for TTEG to assess for the most efficient battery system available for your
business, click below to fill in our form, upload a recent bill, and select Battery Storage, or call
1300 11 88 34, email

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