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Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity or thermal energy using various technologies. Solar energy is primarily captured through the use of solar panels, also known as solar photovoltaic (PV) cells. These panels are made up of semiconductor materials, typically silicon, that absorb photons from sunlight and convert them into electrical energy. When sunlight hits the solar cells, it creates an electric field that causes the movement of electrons, generating a flow of electricity.

Solar benefits

with TTEG


  • No capex, no cost

  • Market leading technology quality & safety accredited (ISO 9001 & AS/NZ 4801)

  • Immediate savings approved consultants

  • Clean energy

  • Council accredited installers

  • No maintenance cost

  • Battery ready

TTEG Predictions

Trans Tasman Energy Group ticks all the boxes, offering the unique opportunity to reduce your energy costs with solar. With $0 upfront costs we have the expertise and experience to:

  • Identify right size system for your business.

  • Ensure the solar installation won’t impact your retail contract.

  • Guarantee your return on investment is accurately calculated and delivers results.

With our specialised monitoring system, businesses have the freedom to check the performance and report on their solar generation via the web based platform. We want to make your transition to solar as easy as possible, so we’ll take care of everything even those small print T&Cs. Protecting your business against unpredicted rate increases whilst also enhancing your sustainability, TTEG has the right solar solution for you.


Next Steps

A free no obligation solar assessment is complimentary for TTEG customers!

Click below to fill in our form, upload a recent bill, and select Solar,

or call 1300 11 88 34, email

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