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Trans Tasman Energy Group works with councils, transport authorities and government bodies Australia wide to reduce their public lighting spend.


We specialise in negotiating with monopoly electricity distribution suppliers such as Powercor, SP AusNet, Ergon, Essential Energy, ETSA and CitiPower to obtain the most competitive prices for street lighting.


We have a strong track record of designing public lighting solutions to meet clients’ needs, and can create a customised solution to reduce your public lighting costs. In addition to delivering low cost solutions, we can assist you with environmental and greenhouse considerations, asset management, service agreements and analysis of traffic signal costs.

Industry firsts:

  • First unmetered public lighting tenders in South Australia and Victoria.

  • First tender of unmetered traffic signals nationally.

  • First non market participant to request a rule change from Australian Energy Market Commission.

  • First non distributor to include a luminaire on the AEMO Type 7 metrology Load Table.

  • First to represent consumers at an appeal of the Australian Energy Regulator’s pricing determination.

  • First to obtain refunds from distributors for distributor overcharges in Victoria (lights) and SA (traffic signals).

  • First negotiation with a distributor of “negotiated distribution services” under the national electricity rules (we represented all SA councils and state government).

  • Expert advisor for the first whole of government (local and state) electricity tender in South Australia.

  • First natural gas tender for less than 10TJ sites in Victoria.

  • First contestable electricity tenders for unmetered streetlighting and traffic signals.

  • First to negotiate a reduction in distributor's Asset base.

  • First to enable Councils to retain ownership of new LED lights when replacing distributor owned lights.

  • Represented our clients in the first auction by the Victorian market operator Vencorp of AMDQ’s (average maximum daily quantities).


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