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For businesses who are environmentally conscious of their emissions impact, and require traceability with respect to their carbon footprint, TTEG is proud to offer its clientele Decoupled GreenPower. So even if you have been purchasing Green energy from your retailer, it is not too late as you can still “top up” and meet your corporate emissions reduction targets, including becoming 100% renewable.


  • Is government approved

  • Is fully accredited and audited

  • Is purchased separately from your existing black energy contract

  • Is charged separate to your black energy

  • You can even use it to cover a specific event

  • Can be backdated to cover energy already used

  • Will cut your greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduces your contribution to climate change

  • Helps drive demand for green energy

  • Supports the Australian renewables industry

  • Your Decoupled GreenPower price will be fixed

  • Extra information

Decoupled Greenpower Features

What is the cost?

The Decoupled GreenPower is billed separately and is in addition to your current black energy contracted rates, Whilst the prices reflect the traded commodity price, it can however be a cheap way for businesses to decrease their carbon footprint or to achieve carbon neutrality.

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Benefits of Accredited

Decoupled Greenpower

  • Showing accountability for emission reductions targets, and providing a tangible and traceable pathway

  • The traceability of accredited GreenPower allows for easier carbon accounting and reporting Investing in the change needed for a low carbon grid and economy

  • Flexibility to purchase varying percentages of GreenPower, i.e. there is no minimum or maximum portion required

Next Steps

For TTEG to assist you, click below to fill in our form, upload a recent bill, and include a comment or

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