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The energy industry has become increasingly complex with the introduction of a raft of regulations established via laws, rules, codes and guidelines.


Regulations apply to dealings between all market participants (such as generators, transmission, distributors and retailers) and outline how they must deal with end users across all areas including billing, metering, connection, pricing and dispute resolution.


The number of regulations and their complexity often prevents effective engagement between market participants and end users, as end users are often unaware of certain regulations or do not understand how these regulations apply to their particular circumstances.


With our extensive knowledge of regulatory matters affecting  the energy industry, Trans Tasman Energy Group can support you in navigating this complex area and work with market participants to deliver the best outcomes for your business.


While we are unable to offer legal advice, we can support you with pragmatic commercial advice on all regulatory matters, including:

  • Providing support with dispute resolution in a situation where you need assistance to resolve an issue (e.g. billing, connection, etc.) with a retailer or distributor.

  • Providing advice on the regulations that apply to your business (e.g. obligations for taking high voltage supply, establishing and operating embedded networks, etc.).

  • Submissions to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) as part of the annual price reset and / or the five year price determination of network charges.

  • Submissions to the Australian Energy Markets Commission (AEMC) for changes of the National Electricity Rules.

Proven expertise to drive results in this complex area.


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